Hi! My name is Bram Ravijts, or Kitsune. I’m a web & app developer in training. I study IMD, which stands for Interactive Multimedia Design, at Thomas More in Mechelen, Belgium. I was always interested in how programs worked. Since I first started playing games, I wondered how they made the characters move, how did certain events happen, how did they make the game run in the first place? That's why I decided to start studying development. This makes the name kitsune-designs sound a little weird. When I first started this course, I had an interest in design as well. nd that's when we had to choose our names and domains. My favorite animal is a fox and my favorite color orange, so the name Kitsune came naturally. But just kitsune was a bit unclear, so I wanted to add something to make it recognisable as a portfolio website. Because making a website or app also requires designing, plus I was also doing other design work on the side, kitsune-designs seemed the best choice. I also think it looks pretty nice. I am thinking about a brand change though, as you have to stay with the times. That might be coming soon so check regularly! If you are intersted in my 21st century skills, click below! If you want to see what kind of projects I have already made. Scroll further to see my portfolio!

21st Century Skills


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